Illinois Compass 2g: FAQs

Feedback and Grades 

I don’t know how to check feedback from my instructor on an assessment for which I just received a grade.

Answer: All grades and instructor feedback are available in the My Grades option from the course menu (found under Tools千赢国际官网老虎机 in the left-column navigation). Click on any score to view any feedback your instructor has left for you. You may also review this video tutorial on viewing grades and instructor feedback.


I cannot view discussion postings, quiz windows and download links.

Answer: 千赢国际官网老虎机If you cannot view discussion postings, quiz windows, or download links while you are in your learning management system, you may need to disable pop-up blocking for your browser. You can check for pop-up blocking as follows:

  • Run the Illinois Compass 2g browser check.
  • Use the Display a Pop-up button in the Pop-ups test section to test pop-up settings.


If you need assistance disabling pop-up blocking for your browser, contact (formerly known as CITES) by phone at 217-244-7000 or email:

Taking a Test

I don’t know how to take my test?

Answer: View the ”.

Submitting Assignments

How do I submit my assignments?

Answer: View the “".

Discussion Board

How do I access and understand how to navigate the discussion board, posts or threaded discussion?

Answer: View the "".

Helpful Links



For assistance or help with navigating your course, feel free to contact your instructor or (formerly known as CITES) by phone at 217-244-7000 or email: